A Little About Me…

A5B3F71E-8F75-459E-91CD-66A2641FC378Welcome to my world…

I am a 40 something husband, father of 2 and teacher.  I have a amazing daughter and a terrific son and a loving wife.

So here are the facts about me:

  • I live & teach in the suburbs of Toronto.
  • I have an interest in all things style and fashion.
  • I want to show people that size and age and children don’t have to stop you from looking good and feeling good about yourself.
  • I love Social Media and try to consume as much pop culture as possible.

I hope you enjoy your time on this site!


Just know I chose my own fate, drove by the fork in the road and went straight

– Jay Z



  1. This is great man. Thank you for sharing your style with me and for giving me ideas on starting to dress like best vergin of me! Big up to the world dadoffduty!!!!!!


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