Views From the Dark – 90s R&B

8764EC26-9080-4537-9EE0-52F16BD93DB4One of the toughest and most important things you can do as a parent is sleep train your child. Making sure your child gets the proper 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night is vital in the development of their young mind and body.

Most parents (i think) have their babies/ toddlers sleep in their crib on a nightly basis but at my house a crib is strictly for decoration.

My wife and I prefer to use the “rock for 30 minutes and quietly pray the baby doesn’t wake up when we put her in our bed” technique. This technique consists of me sitting in a glider in the dark for 30 minutes until my daughter decides she wants to allow me to escape to have adult time.

The benefits of the “The Dwayne Johnson” technique (the Rock get it!)  are plentiful: bonding time, trust development, blah blah blah

The real benefit of all the time in the dark is the hours of mindless thought it allows me to have (the concept of mindfulness scares me)

So what is the current issue plaguing my mind as I attempt to get my daughter to sleep? (aka View from the Dark)

What happened to 90s R&B groups?

My daughter loves music.  One of the ways I get her to fall asleep is to sing to her. Their is a limit to the amount of Wiggles and Raffi that I know so I resort to singing songs from the greatest musical era… the 90s!!

The usual playlist:

Candy Rain – Soul for Real

Knockin Da Boots (dont judge me) – H Town (dont judge me)

Poison – Bell Biv Devoe

Weak – SWV

Boy II Men – Motown Phily

Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison

Jodeci – Forever my Lady

Of all the listed songs all but onewas sung by a group.


Okay so here is the obvious thing, most groups have a “lead” singer. If you’re this person why would you want to share your fame & riches with 3 or 4 other people.

Now we have all seen the New Edition movie ( if you haven’t leave this blog right now and go watch it), Bobby wants to go solo, Ralph wants to go solo, Mike Bivins has no talent and it gets really ugly and really fun for me to watch. (why are you still here go watch the movie)

But seriously it isn’t cheap to outfit, do make up hair, make up, feed, transport 5 guys/ girls around the country or world on a tour. Record labels and promoters see ways they can save money by focusing on the one person they see as the star, rather than a group.

It also has to be extremely hard to manage a group of individuals with different personalities, goals and backgrounds. Deciding on what songs to sing, beats to use, and overall image of the group can easily lead to arguments and descent.

For those of you who are not into 90s R&B just imagine Justin Timberlake begging Johnny Wright (his manager) to drop JC, Chris, Joey and Lance so that he could focus on making an album that was actually good… sorry NSYNC fans…Its Tearin Up My Heart…

To be honest lead singers leaving the groups that made them popular is a pretty normal thing:

Diana Ross / The Supremes

Jody Watley / Shalamar

En Vogue/ Dawn Robinson

Beyonce/ Destinys Child

Sisqo/ Dru Hill

The artists above have seen their moves to solo careers result in varying success but they were all able to show their individual personalities and talents when they moved from behind the shdows of their group.

The real reason that this weighs on my mind is the frightening thought of my son and daughter never know the likes of LaTavia Roberson, Levi Little or the Public Announcement; this hurts me to the core.

I pray that one day our young men and women will once again see the virtues of sharing their money and fame with their less talented friends.

But until then Thank God for P. Diddy and Making the Band season 121…

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