The Old Mans Guide to 2018 Hip Hop and R&B Music

– Me Dancing 10 years ago…πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

It’s January, I’m driving in my car on my way to work. I decide I need a break from listening to basketball podcasts. (do yourself a favour check out the Lowe Post podcast)

I want to listen to some music, so I grab a CD (yep I still mess with compact discs); I pop in one of my expertly curated mixes and hear the words:

“Give me the green light…”

As I sing along I start to realize, this song is 10 years old!??! At that moment I knew I would have to dedicate the rest of 2018 too find new music that an old head like me can rock too.

Midway through the year here is some of my favourite Hip Hop and R&B songs of 2018. (No particular order , my contain adult language)

1. Friends – The Carter’s

2. Diplomatic Immunity- Drake

3. K.O.D – J. Cole

4. Sweet You/ So Help Me God – Phonte


5. Rock It – Prhyme

6. Long As I Live – Toni Braxton

7. Leave it Smokin – Tamia

8. After the Storm – Kali Uchis

9. Ella Mai – Boo’d UpΒ 

10. Jericho Jackson – Self Made

Anything I missed? Leave song lists in comments below…

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