What’s Trending in Men’s Fashion – Fall 2018

Print Blazers and Pea Coats

As we enter the Fall we’ll see trends moving towards outfits that consist solid block and tonal themes. But fear not patterns (Plaid and Tartan) are not dead, they will find new life in Pea coats and Blazers. This is a must for every men’s closet this Fall.


Streets meet high fashion

Ending 2018 and entering 2019 street wear will continue maintain its strangle hold on men’s fashion. Brands like Off White, Kith and Stussy; will still reign Supreme (pun intended) The minor shift is we will see these brands paired with high end labels like Versace, Neil Barrett, Gucci and Thom Browne.

The hiring of Off Whites Virgil Abloh by Louis Vuitton in March should be all the proof you need.

All Black Everything

Hawaii shirts, Vertical stripes dominated Summer 2018, but as Fall emerges, we will see men’s clothing toned down considerably. I’m predicting a Black Out. Outfits consisting of Black Ts, button ups and pull overs paired with dark/ black trousers. Adding colour in your shoes and jackets or knit sweaters will punch some life to these outfits.



What is this??? For your answer see everything Juston Bieber or Shay Lebeiuf . All occasion don’t call for your finest fits, sometimes you just need to be comfortable. But you can still make a statement while “not trying”; enter the Scumbro. How do you perfect this look? Simply pair stylish street wear, vintage Ts , hiking boots, sneakers, dad hats and baggy pants or jorts in ways that don’t seem to make any sense at a all…

Johnny Depp well not really…

Accessories are increasing becoming an important part of men’s fashion. With what I believe will be a move back to a simpler style in men’s fashion (see above trends) accessories will be vital to polishing your look. Overstated timepieces, multiple bracelets and rings will dominate. (think a really toned down Johnny Depp)

Saddle bags and shoulder bags are also must for 2019. Yes I said it its officially Murse SZN!!

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