Best of NBA Fashion: December Edition

Back with our Monthly edition of #NBAstyle

Lebron James


King James showed his versatility this month first sporting an NBA veteran look with the fedora, dress pants and the camel coloured suede jacket.

He followed it up with a more trendy look, rocking the plaid coat over a hoodie.

Denis Schroder


Denis is easily the most underrated dresser in the league. I could have picked 5 or 6 of his outfits for this list. Now he does like Balenciaga too much for my liking but I’ll look past that for now.

Paul George


Paul George often falls under the umbrella of the Dwayne Wades of the fashion world, always seems like they are trying a bit to hard. Fortunately with this outfit George hits the mark, he keeps it simple and allows the Gucci sweater to shine.

Chris Paul


CP3s fashion game is similar to his on court game. He brings it at a high level every night, is one of the best in the league but when we are talking about the best players (or most stylish) people don’t mention him.

Bomber, white tee and all white sneakers is a winning combination.

DeAndre Jordan


When you are 7 feet tall it’s not easy to be fashion forward but Jordan still does his thing.

Kyle Kuzma


I’m a sucker for plaid and funky t shirts. Kuzma wins right here sporting the William Shakespeare.

Mike Conley

0E8C0930-D4A0-4302-97B6-2A814DDFF54DNormally I hate Leopard print but I like the way Conley puts this together, and so does the woman behind him in the hallway.

Ian Mahinmi


Ian keeps it simple with this look but rocking the pink on pink tones gives this look a hint of originality.


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