The Many Styles of “Dre Johnson” – Blackish Season 5

The ABC comedy hit Blackish is a fun and real look at the middle class African- American experience.

The protagonists Andre Johnson played by Anthony Anderson is a complex multi layered character, who I find quite relatable on many level.

One of my favourite things about “Dre” is his sense of style. He has the sneaker collection of my dreams and a closet featuring designers that are well outside of my income bracket.

Here are my favourite outfits worn by Andre Johnson on Season 5 of Blackish.

Episode 5 – Ovadia & Sons: Leopard Jacquard

Episode 1 – Comme des Garçon Play: Wool Polka Dot Sweater

Episode 7- Gucci: Blind For Love Tiger Sweater

Episode 6- Fendi: Family Sweater

Episode 14- Givenchy Dragon Motif Sweater

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